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15 Irresistible Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

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Find here 15 Irresistible Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas that will make you the star host of the holiday season.

The process of planning Thanksgiving dinner, whether you’re hosting for the first time or have done it for years, can be challenging. Almost all holidays include a roast turkey for dinner, but Thanksgiving is known for pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes too.

15 Irresistible Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas To Pair With Your Other Dishes

The following Thanksgiving menu ideas feature dishes designed to pair well together, in order to create a gastronomically satisfying meal.

1. Healthy Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Known for their creamy texture, these tasty Mashed Sweet Potatoes contain sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and maple syrup.

The healthy and lower-carb versions of mashed sweet potatoes are perfect as a side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and they are a vegetarian and gluten-free option.

2. Dry Brined Turkey Breast

You’ll get juicy meat and crisp skin when you prepare this dry brine turkey breast recipe. Use a turkey breast if you’re having a smaller Thanksgiving, want to cook something faster, or just do not like dark meat.

3. Vegan Cauliflower Lentil Loaf

You’ll love this hearty vegan dinner idea, even if you eat meat! The classic meatloaf is modeled after this gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free vegan loaf that includes cauliflower and lentils instead of meat!

4. Double Smoked Ham

Your next holiday celebration will be a hit thanks to this double smoked ham recipe. You just have to heat up a bone-in smoked ham if you buy it already cooked.

5. Easy Thanksgiving Turkey

Whether you have never made a Thanksgiving turkey before or you have, this recipe is easy to follow. If you are looking for an easy-to-prepare, tasty, juicy Thanksgiving turkey recipe, this one is for you.

6. Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Most people associate cream of mushroom soup with a lot of dairies. It’s not what you expect. Coconut milk makes this recipe vegan, and it is full of delicious flavor.

7. Easy Turkey Gravy

It takes only 5 ingredients to make this easy turkey gravy recipe – turkey drippings/stock, flour, poultry herbs, butter, and black pepper. This gravy recipe is easy and fuss-free. Neither milk nor cream. There are only four ingredients you would need on Thanksgiving day.

8. Juicy Roast Turkey

Enjoy this delicious, juicy Roast Turkey with family and friends. Using butter and savory herbs, this recipe covers the whole turkey with herbs. Then slow-roasted to perfection.

9. Creamy Salmon and Wild Rice Casserole

A delicious, easy-to-prepare salmon rice casserole that’ll satisfy your whole family in the winter. A creamy white wine parmesan sauce and wild rice combined to create a baked salmon casserole full of flavor.

10. Garlic Butter Dinner Rolls

These fresh-out-of-the-oven garlic herb dinner rolls are the ultimate accompaniment to any meal. These rolls are so easy to make!

11. Easy Air Fryer Turkey Breast

Crispy skin and tender meat are the results of air-frying turkey breasts. When you need turkey to cook quickly, this recipe is the ideal choice! The boneless breast of a turkey makes for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner choice for a small gathering.

12. Vegan Baked Butternut Squash Casserole

Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is the perfect occasion to serve this butternut squash casserole.

13. Braciole With Marinara

This Italian recipe for Braciole with Marinara is the perfect Sunday dinner recipe for those in search of something hearty and delicious. Cooked in marinara, cast iron skillet-seared flank steak is stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs.

14. Roast Turkey Recipe

It is impossible to beat this Roast Turkey Recipe. Turkey brines infused with robust aromatics, paired with a host of tips and tricks, make for the most flavorful turkey ever.

15. Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Garlic

A tasty sauce is poured over roasted pork tenderloin and topped with roasted garlic. Cooking pork tenderloin, and how to cook it in the oven, are explained in this recipe.

I am sure these 15 Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas are going to be on your table and your guests cannot stop gushing over your Thanksgiving spread.


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